About Us

Don and Berkley Akers live in the St Charles, Missouri area. Both Don and Berkley have extensive experience in teaching and facilitating various Bible Studies. Don has taught youth, but has primarily taught Adult Bible Study classes at church and has led various Bible Studies at his work. Berkley has taught youth and has led variuos womens studies over the years. We share a passion for studying God's Word and we have enjoyed teaching Bible Studies. We hope that these lessons are used as resources both for teachers preparing lessons and perhaps as a weekly personal Bible Study for others who are interested.

In 1996, this Bible Study Website was created in an effort to help his class in studying the lesson of the week. For the past several years, Don and Berkley have been creating most of the lessons together. What began as an attempt to help our own Bible Study classes study God's Word has led to a website that we believe has a quality message each week, hopefully impacting not only the people in our classes, but many others who have found the website one way or another.

In the Spring of 2015, Don was diagnosed with ALS. Admittedly, it was quite a shock to both of us. As of the start of 2016, it has impacted his speech and some of his mobility. However, it has not impacted his mind and as along as we are able to, we will continue to post these lessons. We covet your prayers for this situation.

If you would like to receive an email each week when the site is updated, just let us know. We would be honored to have more people join us as we study God's Word. Pass the word to others that may receive some benefit from this site.